Can Laziness break a relationship?


Henrietta Deny

Aug 31st 2020, 5:41 pm

In our modern world today, the ratio of a successful vs. unsuccessful relationship is incredibly low.

While there are many factors that can cause failures, it seems “laziness” plays a big factor in this. But when people associate the term “lazy” to their partners, what does it really mean?

Not ambitious enough? Does not help with the kids? Not washing the dishes? I am sure in some relationships there might be more and or less questions than the ones listed above depending on the situation, all the same I believe there is a common ground that everybody can come to.

Relationships expectations have changed over time

Ever heard from your grandparents or from an elderly couple “kids of today do not know what relationships are about. They are so quick to quit and are too lazy to make it work?” I believe these two statements are both correct and incorrect. In the olden times, expectations in relationships were far different from today. Women were expected not to work and take care of the home and children, whiles men were working hard to provide for the family. In some cultures, even the women did not take care of the house at all because they had maids, nannies etc. Today majority of the men and women work to support the household therefore the expectations have changed. Not only that but more and more women have become ambitious and want to further their careers or businesses. This has caused a lot of turmoil in relationships because some relationships are adapting olden and modern concepts together, and due to individual background differences, causing a huge strain on the individual making it “easier” for people to go their separate ways.


There are many solutions, however, I believe a solution would be to study each other during the dating stage. lay upfront what your ideologies and core values are, then see if you can be compatible with each other. I do not believe there is a 100% compatibility, but you can meet someone that has close ideology that matches yours which will aide the growth of the relationship. For the people who are already in long lasting and committed relationships, give your partner a break! Work on a collective solution that will make the journey less stressful and let go of your background, upbringing, and ideologies. Create your own world that is fitting for you and your partner!

In Conclusion

I believe no relationship is perfect and it requires a substantial amount of work to make it “successful” in each individual terms. Therefore, it is best to pick and choose what will work best for the relationship and support each other in the difficult areas. Alleviating stress, anxiety, and having low expectations, will cause relationships to be more effective and more endurable. The end goal is to achieve a “happy” place in your relationship. 

Can Laziness break a relationship?

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